Two Ways To Show Your Dad How Much He Means To You

For many people, their fathers are an integral part of their lives, and they may have been one of the most influential people in their lives. You might even consider your dad to be the best father in America. Not surprisingly, it is important to show your father how important he has been in your life. Unfortunately, this is a task that many people may struggle to do, but it does not have to be an extremely difficult task. Read More 

Can A Faith-based Adoption Agency Refuse You Service?

If you're considering the adoption process as a way to start or expand your family, you may be looking into the use of a state or local adoption agency. However, new legislation proposed in some states (including Michigan) may make it legal for a faith-based adoption agency to refuse services to individuals who violate the agency's deeply-held religious beliefs. Read on to learn more about these proposed laws and how they may affect your ability to adopt. Read More 

How An Ultrasound Can Expand The Choices For A Pregnant Woman

In the early years of life, children who are yet too young to understand the adult nature of sex are often told the story of a stork, a large bird flying by homes to drop off the delivery of a baby. As youth grow older and begin to understand more of the world around them, the fable becomes less and less believable-- until eventually a full grasp of the baby making process becomes clear. Read More 

Learn Now Of The Various Ways To Handle The Remains Of The Dearly Departed

Unbeknownst to many, there are various ways to handle the remains of the dearly departed. Each method has advantages over the others, depending on the personal needs of the survivors, wishes of the deceased and laws of the municipality.   As the American population expands, there will be a greater need to consider available means of placing the dead as space for burial runs out. Society will have to consider other methods. Read More